Flying Cargo Committed to success

Committed to the continuous improvement of your logistics operations, we integrate your supply chain to become an integral part of your value chain – so you can focus on your core competency.

Built on four decades of experience, robust nationwide infrastructure, and a skilled and dedicated team, Flying Cargo stands as Israel’s foremost logistics services company.

Our expertise lies in Supply Chain Management, serving leading manufacturers in diverse sectors, from Healthcare and Semiconductors to Aerospace and other Tech Industries. Flying Cargo also leads in storage and distribution of FMCG (food, nonfood), cosmetics and home appliances.

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How to transform your logistics intoa successstory?

How to transform your logistics into a success

 decade ago with logistics operations set up in only one of our customer’s divisions, and continues to this day across many divisions in various sectors. Over 100 of our employees have been trained and approved by our customer on its information systems and organizational culture. A special site was dedicated to the customer where only authorized personnel work, in order to meet the strict information and field security requirements.
But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Our joint success story is one of commitment to create personalized and non-routine solutions without interrupting the regular logistics services that we provide:

An international manufacturer of processors and electrical circuits held inventory close to its customers spread across the globe. This led to inefficient excess stock without significant advantage in delivery times to end customers.

Our solution was to establish a distribution station (DEPO) in Israel, enabling inventory storage near the manufacturer’s production line (back-to-back), while providing a shipment within strict SLA guidelines.

An international manufacturer of CT and MRI machines sought a comprehensive solution for its complex logistics needs, including feeding the production line with precise multi-part kits, storage of heavy and large-volume finished goods, packaging solutions for the sensitive product shipment, and computer components integration solutions for the production line.

To address this, we created a holistic solution that combines all capabilities in one logistics center:

An Israeli company specializing in green energy solutions has experienced significant global growth, particularly in Europe, following favorable regulatory developments. The company, which initially began with limited storage activity in Europe primarily serving sales, found that its supply chain needs were rapidly expanding. This made it increasingly difficult to feed the growing production line and deliver post-sale services, such as handling spare parts, returns, and obsolete inventory disposal.

In response to these needs, we introduced our Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) services, allowing the customer to open additional sites worldwide in a “copy-paste” model under a single information system and a unified standard with a single point of contact. This was made possible through our network of partners and the physical presence of Flying Cargo in certain territories.

Driven by a commitment to creative and tailored value-added services and solutions, we assisted in increasing ROI on faulty equipment by repairing and reusing it at least 3 times. Furthermore, the solution we provided significantly contributed to the company’s profit margins while reducing its carbon footprint.

A leading coffee manufacturer producing a variety of canned consumer products, transitioned to direct sales. This led to rapid sales growth, alongside 300% change in daily demand due to promotions. The company was in a dire need for a more advanced and efficient picking system.

In response, Flying Cargo developed a dedicated feeding line with a partially automated system on one end, enabling quick sorting and picking based on visual guidance (Pick to Light) for the picker.

The system we developed allowed for 20-fold growth in the customer’s activities in Israel.

An international chocolate manufacturer sought to significantly increase sales in Israel by transitioning to direct sales, thereby ending its agreements with its importer and distributor.

To accommodate the change, Flying Cargo made a substantial capital investment building a temperature-controlled warehouse that meets the manufacturer’s strict quality requirements, combined with an efficient distribution system to reach retail points based on demand and just-in-time. The distribution system includes 65 daily routes to all the manufacturer’s sales and wholesale points in Israel.

As a result of our activities, the chocolate manufacturer’s sales in Israel grew by 2.5 times, while meeting SLA (Service Level Agreement) even during peak seasons and holidays.