About Flying Cargo

FC (Flying Cargo) is an Israeli group of companies providing professional and innovative End to End supply chain solutions and management of raw materials and finished goods for leading manufacturers, retailers, importers and multinational companies.

The FC (Flying Cargo) group of companies is recognized as the leader in express transportation, logistic services, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution of manufactured and consumer goods.

The services offered by the Flying Cargo group of companies range from global product sourcing and production support to quality control, warehousing, packing, logistics and shipping.      The solution includes services for e-Commerce merchants and consumers, first-class fulfillment distribution services, pick up, delivery and returned goods services in Israel and throughout the world.

Today, with more than 1,250 employees working at 14 different centers in Israel, Flying Cargo is pleased to continue its trend-setting innovation in providing end-to-end supply chain, transport and logistics solutions.


Flying Cargo views safety as a top value, and invests tremendous efforts in maintaining maximum safety in its activities. We work in an environment of human and technological excellence, based on a best in class infrastructure, in high-quality facilities, with maintaining product standards and safety. 


Our customers are at the core of our business, and we attribute great importance in providing a proper response to their changing needs based on professionalism and many years of experience.

We are strict about self-measurement, continuous improvement, and efficiency, using a “continuous improvement” approach.

Flying Cargo meets all criteria and has been certified as Platinum Quality mark, under the following standards:

  • Quality Management Systems Standard 9001
  • Israeli Employment Health and Safety Standard 18001
  • Israel Environmental Management Systems (Environmental Quality) Standard 14001
  • Aviation, Military, and Space Quality Standard AS9100
  • Medical Quality Standard 13485

Information Systems

We are committed to provide and develop high quality solutions for the management and operation of the logistical supply chain in a way that matches the customer’s needs.

 Flying Cargo has advanced software solutions to improve operational efficiency.

  • An advanced WMS system that supports and documents all physical and logical processes in the warehouse's operation: Receiving, storage, issuing, kitting, quality assurance, and inventory counts
  • Supported by a senior application and implementation team highly experienced in complex installations
  • Implementation of advanced automatic systems to streamline storage and kitting
  • A modern and advanced server and storage array combined with a multi-supplier communications network to provide constant availability
  • A remote DRP site for all of the company's IT activity
  • Implementation of a rigid and strict information security policy
  • Security survey inspections (by an expert independent company) for the entire network
  • Constantly seeking innovation in the world of logistics

The Group integrated services provide supply chain management solutions that are tailored to the needs of each customer, integrating all of the Group’s services. A variety of self-operated services enables the Flying Cargo Group to offer and take responsibility for operation and management of the logistical supply chain solutions, starting with ordering material from the supplier until the distribution to the end customer, in Israel and abroad.

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