Accessibility Declaration


The Internet arena is a platform for expression and self-representation.
It serves us as a social and political arena.

We buy, sell, work and overall, are more exposed through the internet today more than ever.

Therefore, there is a commitment to enable thepublic a user experience as easy and positive as possible.

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible to everyone, including people with special needs. We invest many resources towards improving the accessibility of our website, to ensure equal access to all of our users.


Website Accessibility

This site has an extension that is a WP accessibility component by ‘Accessibility-Helper’, which specializes in web accessibility.

The extension operates according to the Israeli standard SI 5568 at AA level.

The extension is subject to the manufacturer’s terms of use. Responsibility for use and application of the
Website applies to the website owners and / or anyone on its behalf, including the content presented on the Website subject to the terms of use of the Software.

Accessibilty User Guide


1.Website and website tags adjustment button for auxiliary devices and technologies for disabled people

2.Keyboard navigation between links on the website

3.Disabling flashes and / or moving elements on the screen – Remove Animations?

4.Monochrome black and white mode for users with color blindness

5.Sepia Mode

6.Use of High Contrast

7.Black –Yellow Mode

8.Invert Colors

9. Highlight Titles

10. Highlight links

11. Alternate text description of all images that appear on the website

12. Permanent description of the images on the site

13. Readable Font

14. Larger font size

15. Smaller font  size

18. Enlarge Mouse Cursor

The accessibility bar embedded in the site offers various types of enhancements for your convenience. However, by using the keyboard you can also perform the following functions:

1.To open and close the access bar: Use Esc key

2.To increase text size: Use Ctrl +.

3.To reduce text size: Use Ctrl.-

4.To revert text to original size: Use Ctrl

5.Spacebar (SPACE) will lower the site down

6.To increase the screen to full size: Use F11 – press again to decrease to original size


We are committed to making our website accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

We are investing maximum efforts and continuously working on improving accessibility to meet the needs of every user.

Despite our ongoing efforts to make all content accessible, you may find elements which have not yet been accessiblized or have yet been found a suitable technological solution.

We ensure that the best efforts are being made to improve accessibility at a high level and without compromise.


We apologize if you have experienced difficulty with any content on the website and we welcome your concerns, questions, and suggestions.


Accessible Information

·    Accessible Call Center (telephone service available for Boxit only) – Call center employees undergo experiential training for providing
accessible service to a person with disabilities

·   The call center operates without background music, in a clear and simple language and offers alternatives to send inquiries by e-mail or sms

·   Call Center number – 1-700-077-038

·   E-mail : [email protected]

·    Website: Accessibility – The site is AA standard-compliant as stated in the Website Developer’s Statement

·   Accessible Service – The company does not provide direct service to the general public, except for services provided by Boxit –


Employee Training

Employee Awareness – accessibility awareness is implemented to all company employees through an educational software program, explaining
Equal Rights Act for People with Disabilities and the organizational obligation and commitment towards accessibility.
New employees immediately undergo accessibility training once they join the organization.

The accessibility coordinator manages a list of all employees and ensures that every employee goes through a training at least once a year.

Experiential Training – Employees who provide direct service to the public undergo experiential training.

Among employees who require experiential guidance – couriers, call center representatives and managers.

The training program is approved by an authorized accessibility specialist and tailored specifically to each type of service.



Appointment of Accessibility Coordinator

·    We have appointed a certified Accessibility Coordinator who has been certified in accordance with the law

·    The accessibility coordinator consults regularly with an external certified Accessibility Specialist- Architect Erez Galbgisar- accessibility
specialist regd. 2156, buildings,infrastructure and environment specialist, regd.0119

·    Accessibility Coordinator contact information : Fischel Hirschfeld/  E-mail: [email protected]/ Mobile: 074-7889500