Our Path

The Flying Cargo Group employs a variety of people all over Israel.

As a leading logistics provider, we employ workers across the country. We offer a wide variety of challenging positions and professional promotion tracks, such as: operations and warehouse workers, couriers and truck drivers, sales and service representatives and software developers.

We see our employees as the core of the organization.

We employ people with self-motivation and integrity, who believe in providing excellent customer service. Together, we strive to grow and succeed – individually and together as a whole.

The expertise and professionalism of our employees are an important value in providing service to our customers.  As such, we invest carefully in our recruitment, training, and qualification processes for each position. We expect our employees to strive for excellence in their fields.

Flying Cargo provides a wide variety of tools for training, learning and career development for various positions in the group as part of FC Campus. 

At the Campus, you can choose career and training tracks that will lead to your next step as drivers, logistics and distribution personnel and managers, by taking courses in professional excellence from a wide variety. 

In this way, we enable each and every one of our employees to maximize their personal and professional potential.

At Flying Cargo, we strive to provide a dynamic and supportive work environment that will be rewarding and productive for each and every employee.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is fair and is adapted to answer the specific requirements of each role.

Our recruitment process starts in social media, where you can receive updates on job openings via Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-in. You can always contact the recruitment team via the social media.

Each candidate who is found suitable begins a unique recruitment process, which includes a phone interview and face to face meeting. After that, the candidate will undergo professional or personal aptitude tests, and if the candidate is found to be compatible, he will begin his path as part of the Flying Cargo family.

We want to get to know you!                                                          Please see the positions offered at the company under this tab by residential area.

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