Express Distribution

  • Are your customers spread out across the country?
  • Are you having difficulties delivering your goods to your customers?
  • Are you interested in a high-level service experience when shipping packages in Israel?

About our Express Distribution Services

At Flying Cargo, we have been providing domestic Express Distribution Services for decades.

We have four sorting and distribution centers throughout the country. Combined with our professional delivery array, we know how to reach each and every location on same day of dispatch or the next day. 

Our Express Distribution Services pick up and deliver tens of thousands of packages in various sizes and weights daily, with a commitment to international standards.

Our Services:

  • "Same Day" delivery
  • "Next Day" delivery

Delivery to the end customer is done during defined time slots at the customer’s convenience, while maintaining maximum precision.

In order to ensure an optimal delivery and collection experience, information regarding the status of the shipment is available at any given time on the operational website and/or via SMS that includes precise information regarding the courier’s location.

In cases where personal delivery is not required, the unique Boxit service can be used offering pickup of the package at lockers or distribution points.

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