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  • Does your product require special packaging?
  • Do you need to pack and ship machines or other complex equipment?
  • Is your current product packing optimal?

About our Packaging Solutions

The packaging division provides comprehensive packaging services starting from optimal packaging design, through plan-based production, to actual packing.

Our engineering team does the planning and design of the packaging. Production is done at our professional carpentry shop spread over roughly 2,000 sqm, by a team of professional carpenters.

Our packaging teams have the expertise and experience to pack the goods at the end of production, as well as complete a full and efficient unpacking process at the customer’s site.

Our production system is flexible and enables us to supply while meeting the most challenging deadlines.

We produce all types of packaging and wooden pallets, while fully meeting the customer’s requirements and the ISPM15 and ISO9001 standards.

Our Services:

Package Design and Production
Package design is done using the best engineering software. We validate, and optimize using simulations to reach maximal adaptation to the product’s specifications. Our goal is to plan efficient, high-quality, secure, safe and simple packaging in order to bring the goods in perfect condition to their recipient and reduce the supply chain costs.

The packages are produced using a wide variety of raw materials, including iron, wood, foam, metalwork and shock-absorbers adjusted to the product’s weight and sensitivity.

As part of the design process, we conduct vibration and drop tests in accordance with international standards.

Packaging and Transportation
We have teams that specialize in packing and unpacking complex packages. These teams have vast expertise and experience in packing, stuffing and unstuffing containers, shipping machines and complex products, including moving production lines.

Our packaging teams arrive at the customer’s site with the best rigging equipment, accompanied by an experienced project manager.

The work is done according to strict safety and quality procedures and only after completion of a risk assessments.

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