• Are you an importer or a manufacturer?
  • Do you sell to stores across Israel and are you interested in expanding?
  • Do you find your supply chain management to be challenging?

About our Logistics Services to the Retail Market

For the past decade, Flying Cargo has been operating and managing logistics centers and a professional distribution array that provide our customers with the ability to streamline their supply chain and focus on economic growth.

At Flying Cargo, we specialize in operating logistics and distribution for retailers, importers and consumer goods manufacturers. Together, we build efficient advanced solutions along the supply chain (from the port to the retailer shelf), by an expert professional team – all under one roof.

Flying Cargo has a variety of logistics capabilities that provide operational flexibility, with more than 100,000 square meters of logistics warehouses at various temperatures.  A distribution array with a variety of capabilities that visits thousands of points per week, while adhering to strict international storage and distribution standards.

Our services:

Logistics Management (TPL) tailored to customer needs, using dedicated information systems (WMS and TMS) that increase operational, storage, and inventory management efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Goods Receipt from suppliers in Israel and abroad (including receipt/batch control and validation)
  • Storage Solutions (ambient temperature, monitored and controlled temperature and humidity)
  • Order Fulfillment at the carton and individual unit levels
  • Distribution Services throughout the country at various temperatures, including goods inspection at distribution points
  • Returns Handling

VAS – Value Added Services
Conversion, kit building, building shippers and  stickering.

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Quality and Safety are our Highest Values

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