• Do you find it hard to meet distribution schedules?
  • High transportation cost?
  • High turnover of drivers?
  • Are your trucks rapidly deteriorating?

About our Trucking Services

At Flying Cargo, our drivers have vast experience on Israel’s roads, specializing in transporting all kinds of freight, as well as containers and bulk and general cargo.

The company enables its customers operational flexibility at all stages of the supply chain, among other things, a large fleet of modern trucks.

Our customers benefit from a 24-hour national service and control center. Using advanced technologies enables real-time management and control of your cargo.

At Flying Cargo, we hold all the required licenses and permits for transporting in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Our Services:

  • Temperature Controlled Transport, including Pharmaceuticals Transport - Meeting the highest standards required for temperature-controlled trucks, while complying with all other necessary transportation standards
  • Special Projects - Transportation of sensitive equipment, temperature and humidity controlled cargo, security equipment, and any other special need
  • Import and Export Transportation – Tailored to meet the needs of importers / exporters, to and from air and sea cargo terminals - FTL containers and LCL partial shipments
  • Point-to-Point Shipping - Site-to-site shipping throughout Israel using trucks of various types according to customer needs
  • Distinct trucks for sensitive cargo trucks equipped with air bags, and trucks for hazardous materials

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Quality and Safety are our Highest Values

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