High Tech - Components and Capital Equipment

Our commitment to success over the years allowed us to acquire specialized know-how that is instrumental in supporting high tech companies’ supply chains.

We provide Local after-sale support to leading brands and technology incumbents operating in Israel.

To well-known multinational companies, we provide logistic support for their manufacturing operations in Israel, including timely delivery directly to the production line, and leveraging delivery centers to export finished goods, microchips, and similar electronic components.

High tech companies have special needs that demand careful attention to details, meticulous care of components, accurate stock maintenance, and multiple just-in-time activities.

Capital equipment and machinery supply chains are especially demanding due to the high costs associated with transportation, storage, packaging, and unplanned interruptions in the production line.

To successfully address all these needs, Flying Cargo must remain committed to maximum efficiency and adaptability to customers’ needs and requirements:

  • Delivering flexible solutions aligned with customers’ seasonal and dynamic needs
  • Adhering to highest quality and process control standards
  • Delivering post-sale solutions to global companies operating in Israel, and to Israeli companies operating abroad